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Push-up and Dip Station

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Physical fitness is something that many believe is only for the youths, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Below is an excellent video for older adults showing some simple and basic exercises you can do to maintain good health into your later years. So, on the days when you are unable to grab your adult tricycle and go about outdoors, you have some exercises that you can do to boost your physical fitness.

Exercising for Older Adults

Kinesiology Project for class.

Don’t let anybody discourage you from exercising well into your later years. Exercise is good for us at any age. You just may have to adapt the type of exercise that you do to suit your capabilities.

If you can get a partner to exercise with you, even better, as you will help to motivate each other.

Physical fitness is definitely attainable at any age so choose your method of exercising and stick with it on a regular basis. Your body, mind and soul will thank you. Exercising can help to lower cholesterol, reduce high blood sugar and has many other benefits for you so doing it regularly can help you avoid going to the doctor too often in your later years too, which is definitely a good thing right?

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