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TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike To check the price and availability of the TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike at Amazon.com Click This Link

The TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike is what is known as a tadpole tricycle, which very simply means that it has 2 wheels in the front and another at the back. The majority of the other tricycles that you might see have things the opposite way around, with 2 wheels in the back and one in the front (known as Delta). Tadpole tricycles are mostly used for long-distance riding and delta tricycles are more for pleasure riding around the neighborhood or at least shorter distances than you would use a tadpole trike for. Here we will look at the features and benefits of this tricycle as well as look at some customer reviews to help you in deciding if this is the trike for you.

This is one of the more expensive tricycles, however it has its own purpose and uses. It includes “tour” in its title because it is the perfect trike for touring. It is the perfect tricycle for long distances in other words. You can also pack tents, sleeping gear, and camping supplies if you purchase the optional side panniers or trunk bags without causing and instability or unwanted vibration. This is a rock solid and comfortable tricycle for the long haul. It is suitable for anyone. Let’s examine its features and benefits now.

TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike features and benefits;

1. Low to the ground – described as being similar to riding a go-cart and having a blast doing so
2. Lightweight with its Chromoly steel frame
3. Comfortable seat – needed for long distance rides, easily adjusts to different positions, breathable mesh seat
4. Sturdy Frame
5. Linkage Steering
6. 27 speed – helpful especially for inclines

The TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike is not necessarily the best tricycle for you, if all you plan to do is use it recreationally, or as your mode of transportation to shop locally. There are many other options available for you if that is your intent. However, that decision is up to you. You can use this trike for recreational purposes or for short shopping trips if you would like to so buying this trike would give you that option as well as the
option to go touring. It will also depend greatly on what you have budgeted for this purpose.

This baby is mainly though for those who want to get outdoors and go for a long distance ride. This is the kind of tricycle that you have fun going out with your friends who have similar trikes and go touring your city. Actually there are two well known riders who have actually used this trike to go across the entire United States. Now that’s going a long distance!

Here is what some of its customers have to say about the TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike;

4.0 out of 5 stars A good trike for the money! A stiff, yet comfortable and responsive trike for the money. ”

  • John H., Amazon

4.0 out of 5 stars Good trike, good company. I can ride it for hours without any back, butt or wrist pain, unlike a regular bicycle. I didn’t bike

for years because of a tailbone injury, and on my Tour, I rode to work over 30 times this summer on a route that was two hours and 46 km round


  • Scott F.,Amazon

You should take a look at the TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike before making your final decision to purchase your adult tricycle just in case you want to have the option of the “touring” benefit of this trike.

TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike To check the price and availability of the TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike at Amazon.com Click This Link