Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle

Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle

Dirt King Adult Dually To check price and availability of the Dirt King Dually at Amazon click the link

You may think it looks funny to see an adult riding what looks like an over-sized toddler’s tricycle but in fact the Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle is no kids play at all. This trike is described as being virtually indestructible. This adult trike is hand welded and constructed of heavy duty 14 and 16 gauge steel. The Dirt King adult trike comes equipped with all terrain “dual” pneumatic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings. This beauty is built tough. Thankfully it is also made in America so you will also be helping the American economy by your purchase of this tricycle.

The adjustable and larger seat and tilting padded handle-bars allow the Dirt King adult dually tricycle to adapt to fit your size perfectly. This fun vehicle is recommended for those ages 10 through adult. This smooth riding trike was built to last and one which you will definitely be able to hand down to future generations in your family for years to come.

It is capable of riding over grass (remember how difficult it was to ride your bicycle as a kid over grass), gravel, uneven sidewalks, mud and even snow. So there is nothing to slow you down with this ride. Now you don’t have to wait for Summer to get out and ride your bicycle as this vehicle can handle snow too. Imagine being able to enjoy the outdoors, while getting exercise as well, all during the year. This tricycle will help you to do that so that you can maintain your health during all of the seasons.

Who is the Dual King Adult Dually suitable for?

1. Security Guards (better than simply walking around your area, allows for faster surveillance and quicker response time)
2. Adults with physical disabilities or mobility issues (allows the opportunity for exercising for those with physical impediments)
3. Kids (age 10 and over) with physical disabilities or special needs (allows these kids to still be kids and ride for fun like other kids can)
4. Use at corporate events (great for getting around large areas)
5. Use at sporting events
6. Use to take your dogs out for a walk (you both benefit from the exercise and the fresh air)
7. Anyone who wants a fun vehicle to ride

Some of the benefits or advantages of owning the Dual King Adult Dually are;

1. Lifetime warranty on the frame
2. Adjustable shock absorber
3. Smooth riding
4. Promotes better health

Here is some feedback from customers who have bought and used this tricycle;

I have advanced arthritis and it is difficult to walk even short distances without pain. A neighbor kid who is 9 years old let me ride his adult Dirt King trike and I was able to give my dog a walk around the block for the first time. It is not possible for me to walk around the block, but peddling did not bother my hip joint. I thought my tricycle riding days were over, but the Dirt King adult dually has changed my mind!”

  • MK Fowler, Topeka, Kansas

I prefer the off road look and durability of Dirt King for my kids. I also like the fact it is American made. Dirt King is like the Harley Davidson of trikes ”

  • Kids Riding Competition Event, Parent

So don’t let another day go by with you wondering about getting back into shape,take action today so that you can have improved health from now on.

Dirt King Adult Dually To check price and availability of the Dirt King Dually at Amazon click the link