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“Yay, I get to ride on both the tandem and the trike” 30/52 (Explore #406)

This is a follow up photo to last week’s photo where Riley was a little worried that he might not get to go for rides on this 3 wheeler.


Specialized bikes are great for those who need them. Some adults are unable to ride a bicycle anymore because, as they have aged ,they have also lost some of their stability. It is at this time, in particular, that adult tricycles can be very handy, as well as a lot of fun. In addition, some kids who are afflicted with certain medical conditions need a more stable type of ride for them to get outdoors, with the other kids, or with their family to have some fresh air fun. Here we will look at three wheel bikes, one of the unique specialized bikes in my opinion.

In most cases when someone mentions specialized bikes, they are typically referring to different types of cycles made for a particular type of usage. The most common would be;

1. Road
2. Mountain
3. Commuter/Urban
4. BMX
5. Comfort Bikes
6. Hybrid
7. Children’s
8. Adult’s

These bikes range tremendously in price also, starting around $100 and reaching well over $10,000. This just goes to show you that there is a bike for everyone’s needs and budget out there.

You may have seen someone riding an adult tricycle around your neighborhood or at your local beach boardwalk. They are excellent, fun machines for this type of activity. In addition, some of them can be very practical for using to shop at your local grocery or other stores, instead of taking out the car. In this way you save on gas and lower your footprint on our earth, something many are trending towards. Although there are a variety of different so called adult tricycles, many have found them useful in helping kids with autism and other medical conditions who need a more controllable bicycle.

For this purpose I would recommend that you take a look at the Schwinn Meridian Adult 26″ 3 Wheel Bike. This is one of the most popular adult trikes and taking one look at it you can see why. It looks stable. It sports a comfortable seat and an ample sized basket in the rear for carrying stuff. I’m sure that you’ve heard of the name Schwinn when it comes to bicycles too as they have been around for many many years and have a solid reputation established.

If you have space concerns, as far as how or where to store your specialized bikes, here is one option for you. The Westport Adult Folding Tricycle will allow you to find a spot for it in your garage very easily once folded. In addition, this feature makes it easier to store and transport inside your car rather than hitched to the back, if you prefer.

Of all the specialized bikes, these two above are two of the most popular. There are other, more sporty versions that are a ton of fun also and you can have a look at them by looking around this website. Get one of these and get outdoors to have some fresh air and a bunch of fun.

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